Everything is new in May! #Vol1 - CHANGING MY COACH

Another Olympia Qualification competition is in the books. Talking about points, was it not worth it making my way to Georgia. „Not worth it“ is not meant negative, but it would have been worth the journey if I would have delivered a good performance with PB or even a spot on the podium. But that was not the case, still was it important for me to be there and collect a few points for the qualification.

I am still left with the question in my head: What was the point? Why was it not a successful competition with a new PB or a medal spot? That amount of preparation time, hard work, dedication and discipline without a satisfying result makes you question yourself and your ability.

Personally, I think that my technical deficits are one of the main reasons. Technique is everything and should give the athlete security and self-confidence and prevent injuries. The fact that those aspects are missing doesn't make it easier for me. In a situation like that, you have to rely on your coach. A quick change of technique and still being confident is not possible. That is a bigger project which requires more care and attention. Support, which my coach is not able to give me due to the responsibility for 5 other athletes, and which I also cannot expect, because I am not the only athlete dancing in the training hall. All my training colleagues deserve at least as much attention as I do.

After a long reflection period, I decided to change my coach for this reason. André Dörrzapf is currently coaching me in my preparations for the Worlds. The decision was made in favor of André, as I was already allowed to work with him before the European Championships 2019 in connection with my never-ending knee problems. During this time, I was not only able to train almost pain-free again but also worked on my technique. For me, this seemed to be the solution to a problem that I carried with me for a long time.

I hope to be able to make full use of my technical potential by changing my trainer, especially through the close 1:1 support, and thus come a little closer to my big dream of participating at Olympics 2020. Whether it is the right way, nobody can say. Nevertheless, I see myself with this alternative rather at Olympics than with the way so far.

With changing my coach, my training location changed from Leimen to Mutterstadt. The conditions here don't differ much from those in Leimen and since I know almost everyone from the Bundesliga, I feel almost at home here.

Finally, I would like to thank my previous coach David Kurch, we will continue to be in close contact because even if he is no longer my home coach, he remains my national coach.

Stay Strong!
Yours Max😊


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