Everything is new in May! #Vol2 - CHANGING WEIGHT CLASS


Da hieß es von ganz ganz oben „Ähm wie wärs eigentlich wenn wir einfach mal die Gewichtsklassen ändern..?“ Das schien eine gute Idee zu sein und wurde prompt umgesetzt, beziehungsweise erst öffentlich bekanntgegeben und dann hat man sich zusammengesetzt und gebrainstormt. Nachdem es lange Fakenews gab, über Gewichtsklassen, welche mir durchaus zugesagt hätten, hieß es dann: bis 73 kg oder bis 81 Kg.

MEINE PERFEKT PASSENDE 77er PULVERISIERT, NICHT MEHR EXISTENT und das, obwohl ich mich so wohl gefühlt hatte. Aber gut.

With a competition weight of 77 kg I weighed 81 kg in training at extreme times (training camp on Tenerife). But that wasn't by far a "core weight", it was only eaten up. That's why I always had about 79 kg. This was taken into account when deciding on the new weight classes. So it seemed to be easier to put on weight than to put it down to 75/76 kg, in addition came the thought, more mass = more total. I was also a little worried about the national competitiors (only one of the same nations can qualify for the OS per weight class).

During the implementation of the whole story I noticed that qualitative improvement is not as easy as I had imagined. With a weight class of 81 kg one speaks of 84 kg, which one should weigh in training. Even now, still a thing of impossibility! My absolute maximum weight in the past preparation was not more than 83.5 kg - and they have to be maintained! Otherwise the weight will shrink relatively quickly to 82.5 kg - not enough.

It didn't seem difficult for my national rivals to gain weight and at the same time they were able to improve their total. Reason for me to reconsider the whole thing. Meanwhile I feel well with 81 kg body weight! 8 Kg, which I would have to lose.

Aber es hilft alles nichts! Um zu den OS zu kommen, bzw. um die Chance zu erhöhen, muss ich mich für den Weg nach unten entscheiden. Meine neue Gewichtsklasse: -73Kg.
Of course the whole action would be doomed to failure if I had wanted to settle this on my own. That's why I got professional help, which supports me as much as possible. I am looking forward to working with Miriam Krug (https://mirikrug.com/), because I found in her a competent nutrition coach.

First of all, I've had everything that tastes awesome painted. This includes pizza, kebab, burgers, etc... Bye life, thank you Miri!

The plan is to reach 76 kg by the end of June and to keep it during training until it goes down to 73 kg in September.

Stay Strong!
Yours Max😊


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