My adventure-QUARANTINE experience report


If someone had told me at the beginning of the Corona crisis in China that we would soon have the same problems in Germany, I would not have believed him. But as I have to find out every day, it is damn serious. I would also like to appeal to all (clearly) thinking people right at the beginning: Squeeze your ass cheeks together and just do what virologists, epidemiologists and our government tell us! #StayAtHome

Of course, it is not easy to "just" sit around at home, let social contacts rest and refrain from sports in clubs or groups. But now we all have to go through this and there are hardly any exceptions. Even if one or the other hasn't recognized it, for whatever reason, do it now! The sooner we implement this, the sooner there is a chance to get through this time and to go back to normal, everyday life.

Also become aware of the fact that there are currently people who ensure that sick people can be treated (not only with Corona), that we can continue shopping, that our mail and parcels are delivered (just so that we can
return most of our online shopped items the next day), busses and trains take us from A to B for the most important corridors, our garbage is picked up and much more. They keep things running even in these difficult times! Be grateful for this! I am anyway!


For us athletes, a lot has also changed. The World Weightlifting Federation has postponed the last opportunity for the final Olympic qualification, the European Championship, until June. However, the qualification period has not been extended. In plain language: The qualification time is over. In many other sports the situation is no different.

The question of how to deal with the Olympic Games is still open. It is is very likely, that they will postpone the Games, even if the IOC has not yet made a statement and is sticking to the Games this summer. Should we continue training now? And if so, how? This week I was told to store bars and plates in my basement. My basement doesn't have room for a homegym and my landlord would certainly not like it, nor would my neighbours. Just in case, I hope to be able to train somewhere isolated for a while.


As I am currently in a transitional period due to the cancelled competitions, training is not the first priority. I try to use this forced break to allow my body and mind to recover. Since the beginning of my preparations for the 2018 Olympics, I have simply forgotten how to relax properly, especially mentally. I am now mercilessly making up for it: playing Playstation, watching Netflix and every now and then eating pizza or burger. In moderation, of course.


But I still remain to my daily routines: In the morning a glass of water for a balanced breakfast, vitamins (Omega 3 and vitamin D3/K2) to boost my immune system and then another coffee before I use the so crassly valuable toilet paper.

Even if I am not currently dancing with the bar in the gym, I still move, keep my tendons and ligaments fresh, do mobility and stretching. So that no sudden muscle atrophy occurs, I still treat myself to my shakes (protein and creatin), because protein guarantees not only muscle growth but also muscle maintenance.

Finally I would like to say: Just use the time to take a break together with your body, do only the most necessary things and stay healthy! The situation sucks, but let's all just make the best of it!

On that note, see you soon!
Yours Max

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