WORLDS 2019 Pattaya - My little EXPERIENCE REPORT


And already the next world championship is in the books! It seems to me as if the European Championship had only been last week, time is passing so fast...

But let's start from the beginning. As you all know, I changed a lot in the preparation for the World Championships in Pattaya: I decided to change my coach, my training location and to reduce my body weight from 83 kg to 73 kg. My technique has also changed with the new coach. So a lot has happened in the last four months! In my opinion, all this was necessary to get a little closer to my big goal, Tokyo 2020. World in Pattaya are the first big competition on my road to Olympics.

So I had to work really hard the last few month, you don't do such a technical conversion from one day to the next and if four months are enough for a real change, you can't promise 100%. And then there was the weight reduction story... but it wasn't as hard as I had imagined! Because the question now several times came up, how I have managed this, here is a short explanation:

I was looking for professional help, someone who really knows his way around and knows how to lose weight properly from a sporting background. Miriam Krug, @miri.krug (NUBYMI), was recommended to me and after some intensive discussions about approach etc. she was chosen as the right one. There were actually only 3 golden rules: 1. eat what and as much as I tell you, 2. tell me if you feel bad or unwell, 3. no alcohol.


Since I'm not a good eater anyway, I didn't had any problems with rule 1. The alcohol was problematic, but I don't mean to say that I am normally an alcoholic, but there are still situations in which a beer simply fits super! No matter if with friends, family or because I sit in the stadium in Sandhausen. So you know what I mean. Miri didn't forbid me to drink alcohol because of the bad calories, but because alcohol is toxic and makes the inflammation levels shoot up. I wanted to avoid an injury at all costs, so... yeah, I went through with it.

In addition I had plans for restdays, 2x training, 1x training and at the beginning there was the super relaxed refeed day. There were two options, how I could eat the day, how many grams of protein, carbohydrates, fats and especially this vegetable...

In the mornings and evenings I had to check my weight, so that Miri always knew what I am weighing. With this method we were able to reduce the weight continuously. I realized my weight loss for the first time at the cup in Meissen, 74.5 kg - I couldn't remember the last time when I was that leight.


Then we went to the world championship in Pattaya! The flight was easy, no jetlag, so everything was fine. I was scared about the hotel, should not be a review now, but that was simply no standard... the food was ok, I had a little digestion problem, but I think that is almost normal, if you change the continent. Training and competition halls were great, the way you imagine it! The training went extremely well and I was in good spirits as far as the competition was concerned!


And then it started, I was at the weigh in to start my competition, 72.5 kg- "blatant" was the only word that went round in my head. I became a 73!  On the photos posted on Insta I look a little sick, but I didn't feel that way! Then I went to the warm-up area and started to get ready. Behind the stage everything was running fine, the attempts came how they should come and I had a good feeling. 143 kg in the rating and the 147 should be actually also no problem, but then nevertheless a small mistake from old and new technique came out and I had to release the attempt, because the bar stood too far in front. That didn't even happen to me during training... Never mind, check it off.

Clean and Jerk went well too! We did a lot of work on Clean in particular! 175 at the beginning , followed by 180, then the arm thing... also the challenging brought nothing but time. I would have liked to have gone higher, but every point counts in the current Olympic qualification, therefore 180 kg again. Then I had to fight more, but it was worth it. 147/180 - Competition over. I had planned a little more, so I wasn't really satisfied... but I think the first step has been made. I know that with 73 kg I am able to compete and now I can go on! Of course after the holidays. We are still discussing my next competitions, I'll let you know when everything is certain!



I would like to take this opportunity to thank my coach André Dörrzapf who has dealt with me so intensely and so much!  I think we also had a lot of fun together!  Thanks also to my physiotherapists Dominik and Felix, who also found time for me unscheduled and always wanted to help my body out of trouble! Thanks also to the national coach and co-coach, who helped me through my competition and had everything in view. Also I don't want to forget my biggest supporters, the Bundeswehr, the Deutsche Sporthilfe and the Sporthilfe Rheinland-Pfalz. Last but not least, a big thank you to Miriam Krug, @miri.krug (NUBYMI)! I know, I have cost many nerves! But you also me! Super cooperation at a very high level, both professional and human.

And everyone who believed in me and supported me, I'm damn proud of you! Thank you!

Yours Max


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